We just launched Casall HIT T.O.D for Android! Get it for free at Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.casall.hit The Casall HIT app is a pocket-sized...
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Casall T.O.D for Android - finally here! Casall Training of the Day, or T.O.D., is a pocket-sized personal trainer, helping you to track and maximise your home training, making it...
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Yoga in November Yoga in all forms is taking over the city and the gyms. We now all have at least one yoga class a week, and we all love that extra dimension it gives our trainin...
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Glow in the dark in our Beamline running jacket! Feminine Windbreaker jacket with hood in a thinly-woven material with pleats on the back. Mesh panels for ventilation, reflex prin...
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The perfect training tank! Explore our bestseller "Unit tank" that comes in a wide colour range. "Unit tank" is made from functional fabric and designed for high impact workouts. ...
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@annarosv se där ja, då sitter du säkert:)
Posted 2014.03.04, at 19:05 on Twitter
@Klart_slut tack för info, vi kollar omgående!
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RT @Buffyshots: @alexandrabring: Legs, done! Gotta love my compression tights from @casalltraining 👌 #bringfit #argetfit #casalls... http:/…
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RT @Traningsevent: Vilka som instruerar på #BBC2014? Jo @TranaStyrka @Lofsan @Fornandera @Ansofisticated @jessicaclaren @CASALLTRAINING @Fi…
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@ElleJayR Seven is a magical nr:)
Posted 2014.01.03, at 14:31 on Twitter
@Emlan611 @Ansofisticated @liltraining om man bara vill rulla den korta, träna core, balans &massage den långa
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Casall TOD app is now 67% lighter to download,screen lock button added in T.O.D exercise and more:) https://t.co/q6Y375YIfr
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Getinspired.no has Casall AR2 in store. You have to try this on!!! getinspired_nos foto http://t.co/bbQ4bPoeES
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@StaffanRing hör gärna av dig till oss på 011-325600 eller besök casalls butiker i Sthlm så kan du få hjälp idag.
Posted 2013.09.13, at 11:17 on Twitter
@Ansofisticated Huvudsaken är att du vet att den är från Casall och att du älskar effekten träningen ger! ;)
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Welcome to Casall

13.09.12 at 12:20

Casall is a dynamic, innovative, trendsetting Swedish training brand, with premium quality and smart designs for both WEAR and TOOL.

As experts in our field we always strive for ingenious solutions to make your training progressive, original and groundbreaking. Our designers use premium quality fabrics and create products that are beautiful, useful and fashionable.

Here in our digital home you'll find inspiration, instructions and motivation for exercise, information about our products and all our Casall trainers.

Get inspired by our latest collection, learn how to use our TOOLs by watching training videos or learn about our trainers and download our training app.  

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